A shortened overview of the services that are included in the booked stay appears on the booking confirmation sent.
Room type, number of people and catering – other services must be settled directly with Danhostel Skagen.
Please check your reservation before arrival.

Arrival Departure
The time of arrival is between 15:00 – 17:00, if you arrive later than 17:00, please contact us on telephone 98 44 22 00 so that we can agree how the handover of the room should take place.
Departure is no later than 10:00, unless otherwise agreed.
No-show from the first night is considered a cancellation, and Danhostel Skagen therefore reserves the right to cancel the entire stay.

The order is binding once you have received a booking confirmation.
The stay, together with the administration fee and any other services are paid immediately upon ordering.
There are special payment conditions for groups and camp schools: The deposit must be paid no later than 10 days after the order, after which a balance for the stay will be sent,
which must be in our hands no later than 7 days before arrival.

According to the Consumer Contracts Act, the general right of withdrawal does not apply to the purchase of services, including travel.

Change guarantee
It is possible to change a fully paid standard booking up to 1 day before the arrival date.
The guarantee does not take effect until the entire price of the trip has been paid. The change can be made to another available date.
The amount of a new booking must be equal to or greater than the changed booking.
Any price difference in the customer’s favor will not be paid out unless this is done in a timely manner.

During the stay
There may NOT be more people staying in the room than stated when ordering. If the guest has guests staying overnight, this must be notified to the hotel and any supplements to the price settled.
The reservation is personal – transfer without agreement with the hotel will result in automatic cancellation of the reservation without refund.

Cancellation and refund
NOTE: Administration fee is non-refundable.
In case of cancellation later than 16:00 3 days before arrival, no refund will be made.

No Show:
If the guest does not show up from a reservation, Danhostel Skagen equates this with a cancellation after the cancellation period expires and the reservation is settled in full.

Special conditions for groups
Up to 14 days before the arrival date of the stay, 50% of the price of the stay is refunded.
In case of cancellation later than 16:00 14 days before arrival, no refund will be made.
NOTE: If the arrival date is moved to an alternative date, the contract from the original booking is valid.

Danhostel Skagen assumes no responsibility for the guest during the stay,
just as no insurance cover is included for the guest or his belongings during the stay.
Likewise, Danhostel Skagen cannot be held responsible for loss or theft of valuables/luggage in rooms or the hostel’s grounds;
including in connection with the use of luggage storage.

Danhostel Skagen does not allow pets, as we respect guests with allergies. If you bring your pet against expectations, you may be rejected on arrival or charged an extraordinary cleaning fee.

Smoking policy
All indoor areas at Danhostel Skagen are non-smoking.
Smokers are welcome to use the areas where ashtrays are set up.
For smoking in the room, a fee of DKK 3.000.00 will be charged
You can also be expelled from the hostel.

Forgotten Items
Valuables and/or luggage left or forgotten in rooms or the hotel grounds are stored until 3 months after departure, after which they are handed over to lost property.
Returning items is at the owner’s own expense and is sent with Post Nord.

Should there be any discrepancies in connection with the stay, Danhostel Skagen must always be contacted immediately, so that we have the opportunity to remedy any errors and deficiencies on site. We strive to help our guests as well and quickly as possible.
If the customer waits to contact us after returning home, it makes it difficult to remedy the situation, and the customer will in principle not be entitled to compensation.
Written complaint can be sent to Danhostel Skagen no later than 14 days after returning from the stay.

Force majeure
Danhostel Skagen assumes no responsibility for weather conditions, natural disasters, strikes, epidemics, border closures, etc., over which the company has no influence.
Should such a situation mean that Danhostel Skagen is not able to deliver the purchased service,
the guest will have the opportunity to choose an arrival at another possible time, within the same calendar year.

Price change
In special circumstances – such as unforeseen changes in VAT, taxes, duties, exchange rates and force majeure – Danhostel Skagen reserves the right to change prices.

Danhostel Skagen generally reserves the right to typing errors and typing errors.

Updated and valid from 01.01.2022
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