Discover Skagen

Discover Skagen

Drachmanns Hus – 850 m

Skagen Midtby – 1,0 km

Kongevillaen – 1,3 km

Skagen Lystbådehavn – 1,7 km

Anchers Hus – 2,0 km

Skagens Museum – 2,1 km

Stranden ved Damstederne – 2,3 km

Den Tilsandede Kirke – 2,5 km

Vippefyret – 2,6 km

Skagen Sønderstrand – 2,6 km

Solnedgangspladsen – 3,1 km

Det Grå Fyr – 4,2 km

Grenen – 4,7 km

Skagen Nordstrand – 5,3 km

Råbjerg Mile – 15,4 km

C: Toppen af Danmark



Experience the unique atmosphere in Skagen all year round.
We can offer very special holiday experiences for you and your loved ones.
In Skagen you will find the fantastic and untamed nature that through generations,
has helped shape Grenen, Råbjerg Mile and the area around Den Tilsandede Kirke.
Take a walk through the city’s old town and experience the characteristic yellow houses,
inspiring museums and a vibrant city life.